• Boom Beach Cake Walk

    Boom Beach – Cake Walk Tutorial

    Cake Walk is a single player island in Boom Beach. In this small tutorial we are going to share a way on how to conquer this island without any casualties.

  • Boom Beach Update

    Boom Beach Adds Task Forces in Latest Update

    The latest Boom Beach update brings the long awaited Task Forces feature that enables players to team up and create multiplayer battle groups. Via the new Operations mode, which lets each player attack the same base to gather information on its defenses and create a better offense strategy.

  • FIFA 15 Coins Hack

    FIFA 15 Coin Generator

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  • Second Earth Hack

    Second Earth Hack

    Even tho this game is fast-paced (mining you can hire troops and engage in battles instantly), it still takes allot of time for your belongings to upgrade, that is unless you are willing to pay and speed up this process. Well, you don’t have to pay or wait anymore. Our Second Earth Hack tool will generate you limitless amounts of free Ntrium, Gold and Plasma.

  • JeuxVille Welcome

    Welcome to JeuxVille

    SocialCheats.org is the biggest repository for cheats for the latest Android, iPhone, Facebook and other social games. Here you will find the most recent cheats and hacks for all the most popular games.