Boom Beach My Lucky Day

When You Just Get Lucky in Boom Beach

Today, I stumbled across something that happens almost never. A new island on the map was occupied by a new Boom Beach player, so as usual I decided to scout it and see what kind of challenge it would be. And I must say, I could not help not laugh like crazy when I saw the base layout. Today must be my lucky day, since things like this almost never happens. Just look at the screenshot above.

Who on earth would leave their headquarters like this? And hey, this is not some Boom Beach rookie, so I do not know what the reason was but this base presented no challenge at all. Maybe the player decided to rearrange his home base and was interrupted for some reason and forgot to move the headquarters back to the original position, or maybe an accidental touch and swipe… who knows but this is a classical example of what not to do when it comes to Boom Beach home base layouts.

Although 10 thanks seemed to be just too much for this easy target, I decided to send the troops in and get an easy score. Thanks user XXX (sorry for the name I just can not type the Chinese characters in your name), but if you ever see this please be more careful next time.

And this goes for everyone too, it is very easy to get distracted while rearranging your home baseĀ  leaving it vulnerable to attacks. And of course if your have the misfortune of being attacked your enemies will clean you out with little or even no hassle.