Farm Heroes Saga Cheats

Farm Heroes Saga Tips and Cheats

At first, when Farm Heroes Saga came out and i decided to give it a try, i thought that it is yet another simple match-three game. But i was so wrong, in fact, it was so good and addicting that i spend hours and hours trying to pass as many levels as i can, because every single one of them was better then the previous and i was eager to find out what the next one brings. I was so obsessed, that I’ve spend numerous days and a few sleepless nights playing this game. But not for nothing. I’ve learned a few pretty helpful Farm Heroes Saga tips and cheats that i will share with you and help you become a better player.

Get extra lives – set your clock ahead

This is a cool cheat that you can use in Farm Heroes Saga if you are inpatient to pass a certain level when you are out of lives and you refuse to spend real money to buy them from the official app store. The only thing that you will have to do, is to go into settings > date and time and set the clock on your device a few hours ahead. After that, when you reopen your game, the new lives should be there. Then, go back and change the clock like it was. However, keep in mind that sometimes due to this trick, negative lives may appear and you will have to wait longer in order for your lives to reload. But this happens rarely, I guess is just a matter of luck sometimes. Also, it is a risk that I am willing to take, if you ask me, when the anticipation strikes and you can’t wait to see what the next level brings.

Don’t waste your gold

Another useful tip for Farm Heroes Saga that I think you should know, is not to waste your gold on extra moves or boosters. Instead save it for later when you are stuck on a gate and you can unlock it only with gold or patience, because you know that it can take a few days before the gate unlocks itself. So, think again before spending that gold. Because boosters refill themselves over time anyway and it is better to spend extra live than spend gold on extra moves.

Stay low to the bottom

Remember that in Farm Heroes Saga and most of the three-match game, if you focus on the bottom rows first, you will have more of a chance of creating a cascading effect towards the top. Plus, whenever you clear the bottom rows, new crops appear on the top, opening new possibilities for matching and clearing the given level faster.

Multipliers crops first

As you know, you should collect a required number of crops before you clear the level. So, by collecting the multiplier crops first you enhance the possibility of clearing the certain level with bigger score. Because if a regular match gives you three points, the multiplier ones add the multiplier number as well. Therefore, you will need to put some thought in these kinds of levels.

Flowers and eggs first

In these levels where it is required from you to match three eggs in order to hatch chickens, don’t allow too many eggs to build up on the board. Because you will spend your moves on clearing the eggs instead on matching and gathering the needed crops. Also the stubborn flowers can be a pain in the ass as well, so make sure you get rid of them first.