Dragon City Hack Tool

The Only Dragon City Hack That Really Works!

Since the day it came out we’ve been obsessed with this game. It is quite captivating with those magical cities and cute, yet fierce dragons. And we enjoy the game so much that we’ve already created the Dragon City Hack. The fun with this Dragon City game is endless. Breeding dragons, hatching eggs and discovering new species is just priceless. And when you add to that the exiting battles with players from all around the world,it gets even more exciting. However like most of the game these days, if you want to move at a faster pace you have to purchase additional resources from the official app store. After all the game is free for download, and that’s their way of monetizing it. Well, we know you don’t want to spend your money on a game. It’s OK, neither do we! That’s why we’ve decided to create this Dragon City Hack tool which will generate you free Gems, Gold and Food. Now you can finally enjoy your favorite game, without spending a dime.

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About our Dragon City Hack

We’ve put a lot of effort in creating this Dragon City Hack tool, because we love this game and we know you guys love it as well. And we refuse to spend real money on a game, so, by creating these cheats, we were able to enjoy our game and save our money at the same time. It’s a win win situation. Also, we’ve made sure that it will work flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices as well as on all the browsers. The anti ban system will help you enjoy your resources repeatedly without being detected.

We have previous experience in creating hacks for other games, but it took us a while to hack the Dragon City. At the end everything turned around just fine. We’ve managed to hack the way Dragon City is sending and receiving requests from the game servers and we’ve cheated them in to giving us the resources that we’ve wanted. But the thing that we’re most proud of, is the unlimited amount of free Gems that we were able to generate, because Gems are the main currency in this game, therefore it’s the most valuable one. So now we can help you generate as much Gems as you want to. Also our Dragon City Hack tool includes generators for free Food and Gold as well. It has user friendly interface, it’s easy and simple for use and free of viruses.

Features of the Dragon City Hack tool

  • Unlimited amounts of Gems;
  • Unlimited amounts of Gold;
  • Unlimited amounts of Food;
  • User friendly interface and anti-ban system;
  • 100% safe and free of viruses.



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